We all need a little inspiration every now and then. I know I do. And often, the best place to get inspiration for, well, anything, is to find the people who have done the thing you want to do and absolutely knocked it out of the park. 

This is a list of 27 totally awesome bedrooms to inspire your inner interior designer. And they really run the gamut: from the country to modern, from rustic to futurist, from simple to complex. 

All in all, these are some of my absolutely favorite bedroom designs--ever. So take a peek, and let me know in the comments which ones inspire you the most!​

1. Asymmetrical Luxury

This is an amazing asymmetrical bedroom. And there's quite a bit of asymmetry: from the pictures sitting to the left of the bed to the carpet overshooting the wall. What we really like here is the bold--almost "splash" of wallpaper--in an otherwise understated room. Plus, just about everything in here walks a fun balance between "country" and "royalty."

2. Under the Sea

via welikehouse.com.

How a bedroom under the sea? Obviously, it's not super practical for everyone to build a house under the water. However, there are still some awesome design elements here. In particular, the big bubbly headboard and wavy chair really drive home the underwater theme. The use of blue light is also awesome, and the wooden floorboards give it a kind of ship-wreck feel. 

3. Riding the Horizon

via o.homedesign.com.

This clean, modern bedroom makes great use of its natural lines--namely, the clean metallic lines in the windows. This is subtly reflected in the rather cool, Lego-esque carpet and the industrial table. And, of course, the view doesn't hurt either. 

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4. Simple Beach Reading Retreat

via Reddit user u/ToastedSandwhich.

If simplicity is your thing, this amazing beach-side bedroom really strikes a great balance between minimalism and fun. The whole room is a mix of colors you'd find on the beach: sandy walls, bright turquoise paint, blue pillows. There are also the great wooden-plank closet doors and small, wooden dresser. Tying it all together, the lamp above reminisces of the sun. Pretty cool!

5. Airy Geometric Playhouse

This is a super-awesome bedroom with lots of fun, funky elements. In particular, this bedroom design is playing a lot with geometry--especially in with the inlaid ovals in the wall--but also with the offset rectangles in the headboard. There's also a great color contrast here between the light fabrics, dark furniture, and light wood ceilings. 

6. Rustic Rust & Wood

I'm not always the biggest fan of "rustic" bedrooms, but this one really does it for it. And I'm honestly not sure what it is. Of course, I love the old, wooden ceiling with exposed beams (who doesn't?), but I also really love the aged, metal bed frame. I've honestly never seen anything like it. 

7. Almost Human

A perfect bedroom for all the Buddhist bachelors out there. This room's got just the right dose of minimalism without sacrificing interest. Mostly, it's the wallpaper that saves it; even though it's black and white, it almost looks like fingerprints, which gives the room a distinctly human feel and really saves it from appearing robotic. 

8. A Nook in a Land Far Away

via Reddit user u/Owlie.

​I might be in love with this bedroom. Then again, I usually love bedrooms that look that they've actually been lived in. And everything about this room looks lived in. I love the old, red, wooden floors, especially when draped with a really unique carpet. I also love the warm colors and potted plants. Honestly, I just want to hang out in here with some hot cocoa!

9. Country Blues

This wonderful picture of a bedroom in a Pennsylvania estate was taken by the Reddit user Bananaramas (more here). Believe it or not, this bedroom is over 100 years old. The house it’s in was built in 1891 in Devon, Pennsylvania. It's got a classic country feel: a big, open room with lots of places to sit. I especially like the detailed, wooden bed frame and the grayish blues throughout. 

10. 24 Karat Dreams

I love rooms that make me feel rich. And this bedroom definitely makes me feel like a king/queen. Like lots of super-luxurious bedroom, this design mixes matte fabrics with shiny ones and includes a lot of gold trip. Perhaps the coolest features of this room, though, are the lamps. I'm not quite sure what's going on with them (are they from the future?), but somehow, they're working. 

11. Hints of Green, Hints of the East

Listen, if you'd asked me 5 minutes ago if I'd ever want a green bedroom, the answer would have been a resounding "No." But this is cool. What really does it for me is the headboard with the embroidery. How cool is that? The use of white and light is also amazing here. 

12. Way More than a Hint of Green

After finding one green bedroom I liked, I had to see if  there were others. That's when I stumbled on this gem. This one is a lot bolder, and the lime green walls are pretty in-your-face. But, strangely, it seems to work. I'm not sure if it's the lighter, more neutral woods here, but it seems to feel understated despite being nearly neon green. Now that's good design. 

13. Upscale Fairy Tale 

via Reddit user u/shoot2sell.

It can be pretty tough to get a small bedroom to feel fancy, but this one does it. The fancy, shiny wallpaper is a winner here, and the chandelier brings a lot to the table. The only thing that may be throwing a wrench into things is the curtains, which seem a bit too bright for the room. However, it's probably a kid's room, which makes it a little more okay.  

14. Bursts of Color on Black and White

I love rooms like this: bedrooms  that have lots of stark colors in shades of grey but are accented in bright colors. In particular, yellow works really well in concert with the green, and the lacy curtains add a really nice touch. 

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15. Hints of Green and Hidden Beams

via www.alexcampbellphotography.co.uk.

This is a picture of the bedroom of a Dorset farmhouse, and it's awesome​. I really love the half-exposed beams, which stand out in the white room. I also like the button-up pillow cases, which add a sense of fun to the room. Whites, tans, and greens seem to make a great combo. 

16. Almost Denim

If I was going to live in any of the bedrooms on this list, this would probably be it. It's bot basically everything I like. First, it's got a great, exposed, natural material (in this case, it's reclaimed wood). It's also got an awesome piece of art. Plus, the room combines three things I really love: comfort, modernism, and asymmetry. Overall, this one's a winner that looks like pretty much anyone could recreate it on just about any budget. 

17. Kid Adventurer

It's so easy to make themed rooms into weird, cheesy messes. This one pulls it off nicely, and it does it using lots of "dangerous" color combinations. But honestly: with a bed that's also a tent, what kid wouldn't want to sleep here? 

18. Country Bungalo

This is another great picture by Reddit user Bananaramas (more here). I love, love, love the wooden blinds here, especially when paired with the quilted look of the bedspread. The wooden ceiling and wooden fan also do a lot to lend this room a country vibe. Plus, blue on white is always going to look a little country. 

19. Sharp Lines & a Light Bulb Tree

What an amazing use of texture here. It's almost like you're sleeping outside. There's a great faux-stone wall (or maybe real stone?), some wonderful wood, and a little tree with light bulbs hanging on it. The painting above the bed and line pattered on the ultra-fluffy comforter really make this bedroom a cozy space. 

20. Minimal Asymmetry 

I really love this space. it's simple and really well-designed. I particularly love the asymmetry here. There's just something awesome about how this room flows from left to right. Plus, they just couldn't have picked a better blue for this setup. I also really love the choice to include a black lamp with pink flowers, which isn't something you normally see in this color scheme. 

21. Sky Like an Ocean Over the City

Talk about a room with a view! That night-blue is almost as impressive as the room itself. This room is really, really flirting with the 1980s but manages to stay in the present. There are some great Asian-spa-type vibes in this room, and that gives it a really comfortable feel. The plants and grey sheets are a really nice touch. 

22. Grey and Purple King Room

This room looks a lot bigger than it actually is, which shouldn't be too much of a surprise, since it's got floor-to-ceiling windows. If I've been raving about asymmetry in this post, this should be a great counterargument. Everything in this bedroom design seems to sit right where it should. Plus, they've followed the universal law of bedroom design here: if you want a space to seem comfortable, stack a bunch of pillows on top of each other!

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23. Servant of the Mountain

This is a remarkably simple room that accomplishes a lot. Or, rather, it lets the view accomplish a lot without trying to scream over it, which is just good design. The highlight here, of course, is the amazing shelf, which kind of reminds me of Snake (the old game). It's a single, highly interesting feature that keeps the room from being bland without taking away from the incredible view. 

24. Outside-In

I'm not sure I've ever seen anything like this, but man! What a great design! I really, really love the idea of having a carpet that looks like grass (or... maybe... just maybe... is actual grass?) right in front of gigantic windows. That, plus the fantastic masonry behind the bead makes this one of my favorite bedrooms so far. 

25. Top of the World

I love this bedroom, and I think there's a really important lesson it can teach anyone who wants to design their own space--especially in the city. If you don't have a lot of space, make your bed interesting. This room does that really, really well. There are so many cool pillows and textures there. The room is interesting without having to clutter itself. 

26. Bedside & Poolside Reading Nook

Ah... finally a room with a great chair. I know there's that old Feng Shui adage that says your bedroom should only be used for sleeping and not really anything else. Well, I disagree. And this is the kind of room that makes me thing that rule is such B.S. This room has an awesome bed and great colors, of course, but that amazingly comfy reading chair by the window is what really does it for me. 

27. It's Bold to be Dark

This is an amazing room with lots of bold, dark colors. Offsetting these darker shades are pieces that "pop," like the bright pink flowers on the wall, the lighter stripes behind the TV, and the red accent pillows. It all makes for an awesome, sensual space.