What are the best buckwheat pillows? If you are amongst the firm believers in the powers of buckwheat pillows, then you are in for a treat because we are going to look at three products and decide which one is the best.

The buckwheat pillow is simply a pillow where the fillings are made of the hulls that cover buckwheat seeds. It is unique in such a way that it is ideal for optimum head, neck, shoulders, and back support. The hulls itself make for a firm and soft pillow.

That is precisely why in some hospitals, buckwheat pillows are used for patients who are undergoing physical therapy as they can adequately support them but at the same time provide for a comfortable sleep. Hence, if you have been really having trouble with your sleep, a buckwheat pillow might just be what you need.

Best Buckwheat Pillows: The Contenders

We have chosen three of the trendiest buckwheat pillows today. We looked into their features, pros, and cons to see which one stands out.

1. Sobakawa Buckwheat Pillow

This pillow has a filling of 100% buckwheat hulls. That means it can be adjusted easily and can also provide a bit of cooling by repelling the heat while the air can still pass in between the husks.

Just like what we mentioned before, it can help support the head, neck, shoulder, and back.  It can also be used with a sham or a pillowcase so it can be protected against oil and dirt. This one cannot be washed in the washing machine though. In fact, it needs to be strictly hand washed to preserve the integrity of the pillow.

That said, it can be put in the freezer in order to provide a relaxing effect while you sleep. It comes in three sizes which are queen, standard, and protective cover standard.


  • Effectively supports the neck
  • Holds its shape
  • Comfortable to use
  • Durable
  • Proper air circulation
  • Comes in multiple sizes
  • Keeps the head cool


  • The lining is not of high quality.
  • The buckwheat disperses too thinly.
  • Some people might be allergic to it
  • Some parts do not have fillings in them
  • Can be too firm

2. Zen Chi Buckwheat Pillow

Moving on to the next contender for the best buckwheat pillows, we have a pillow that is free from odor and chemicals. At the same time, just like the previous one, it is filled with 100% buckwheat hulls, but this time they are organic.

It also provides proper air circulation and gives off a natural cooling effect. As expected, it can also support the head, neck, shoulders, and back.

This pillow takes it further by claiming that it can also resolve some sleeping problems such as muscle tension, muscle pain, stress, stiff neck, headache, and even insomnia. Additionally, it can be adjusted to the shape that you want, so it can help in reducing snoring as well as achieving the proper alignment of your sleeping position. All of which contribute to having a restful sleep.

More than that, it can also be refillable so that you can customize the number of buckwheat hulls inside your pillow.


  • Perfect for people who sleep on their backs
  • Not lumpy and you do not feel the hulls inside
  • Can be personalized
  • Can promote deep sleep
  • Very comfortable to use
  • Air circulates well
  • Keeps the head cool


  • The hulls tend to move too much
  • Can be too thick or too thin
  • Might be too small for some people

3. ComfySleep Buckwheat Hull Pillow

Unlike the other two buckwheat pillows which stuck to their guns and sourced buckwheat hulls from Japan, this product got their hulls from the United States of America. The company also took it a step further and got a certification from the Texas Department of Agriculture to signify that their products are 100% organic. Just like the others, it claims to provide optimum support for a deeper sleep.

Going back to the buckwheat hulls, all-in-all, you get five pounds of filling, which were cleaned and does not contain fumigants or chemicals. You also get one pound of extra buckwheat hulls just in case you want a firmer or bigger pillow.

At the same time, it has an invisible zipper so that you can have easy access to the fillings. With that said, this is also adjustable, which means you can remove or add fillings to shape the pillow to your heart's content.

As for its cover, it is made of 100% organic cotton which was also woven tightly for it to be very soft but durable. There are also five sizes which are queen, standard, classic, classic plus, and traditional.


  • Very comfortable
  • Can hold its shape
  • The hulls do not move as much.
  • Can effectively support the back
  • Very easy to adjust
  • Organic and chemical-free


  • Can be too heavy
  • Not ideal for a back sleeper
  • Produces a slight noise
  • Can be hard to change the shape
  • Some people might be allergic to it


Upon reading all the features and the pros and cons of the three buckwheat pillows, you pretty much have a general idea of what buckwheat pillows are. Therefore, you will understand that this pillow is not really for everyone. Definitely, it is not a typical soft pillow; in fact, it can be firmer than regular pillows.

Nevertheless, the fact remains that it was designed to be that way to correct the alignment of your back and for you to have a comfortable sleeping position. With that said, do not use this pillow on pillow fights as you might accidentally sucker punch your competitor.

Kidding aside, the two factors that should really stand out in choosing a buckwheat pillow are support and comfortability. These two factors should really balance each other out, but as you have read previously, this balance can be hard to find.

Good thing, we have the ComfySleep Buckwheat Hull Pillow. We are choosing this as the best one due to the balance that it can provide. It can really help support your head, neck, shoulders, and back, but at the same time, provide comfort.

Not only that, the hulls inside it tend not to move as much, so the pillow can hold its shape for a long time. Do you want to correct your sleeping posture? You might want to give this a try!