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Whether you are looking for soothing paint colors or the perfect pillow; these relaxing bedroom ideas are sure to bring tranquility to your sleeping space.

Using calming color schemes and soft textures, you can create a relaxing atmosphere or your own private getaway right in your own home.

1. Geometric Bedroom by Homedesignboard

This stylish wall design using simple geometry to create a modern and calming space.

2. This Soothing Color Pallette by

Neutral tones never go out of style and can be updated seasonally with pillows or bedding.

3. Here’s a great neutral grey from

Greys are great for any taste.

4. Relaxing Canopy by Architecture and Design

A canopy is a great way to accent any bed.

5. This Mountain Mural by Apartment Therapy

Add a mural to your bedroom walls to create a zen environment.

6. Beachy Island Resort Bedroom by

Add a touch of Island to your room for a getaway experience.

7. Recraft a Headboard by HGTV

By recrafting a headboard you can form a design that contours to your bedroom theme.

8. Unique Nightstand Ideas by HGTV

A floating nightstand can add a calming effect and clear up space on the floor, thus relieving stress.  

9. A Peaceful Hideaway Canopy by ilovedecoration

This do it yourself canopy can give you a hideaway space around your bed or in the corner of your room for peace and quiet.  

10. Wallpapers to Relieve Stress by Murals Wallpapers

A simple or elegant wallpaper mural can help you escape to your utopia.

11. Amazing Headboard with Built in Lights by Mamabee

Add a specially built headboard, with lights, for a calming affect to your space.

12. Great Guide for Relaxing Bedroom Colors by

Add a touch of these colors for a soothing effect and that extra tranquility.

13. Calming Blues for Bedrooms by HGTV

The color blue can add a refreshing view to your room and ease your mind.

14. Relaxing Rustic Cabin by Timothy Johnson Design

If the outdoors puts you at peace, this rustic cabin theme will be sure to help you relax.

15. Cozy Winter Theme Bedroom by My Paradissi

Great for cooler climates or a great way to update your bedroom for the winter months.