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If you’re one of those people who wants to feel like a pretty, pretty princess when you sleep, this gallery is for you! (…and if you’re an adult with, perhaps, a younger daughter–bear with me; you still might enjoy some of the ridiculous craftsmanship displayed here). So check it out: 27 different bed ideas for your little princess!

1. The Large Castle



This bed features six spires, two staircases, and a sitting place atop the bed itself. For a regal room, this bed has all that a princess needs when going to sleep.

2. The Simple Carriage



Every princess needs their carriage! Taking a spin on the classic Cinderella carriage, this bed features sheer sides and a top that is perfect to take any princess to her ball.

3. The Drawbridge



For any princess who simply cannot have a large bed because of space constraints, this bed features a simple castle head board and a little door on the foot board. A bed perfect for the princess of the home.

4. The Full Palace



For any princess, a castle is a must. This bed offers a bed, and a place to play princess any time of the day. Sturdy and ready, it’s amazing.

5. The Play Palace



For the princess who needs space, this bed does the trick. It has a space to store toys underneath, and a tower to slide out of. No princess will feel trapped in the tower with this bed.

6. The Castle That Spans



This castle has a loft bed that offers plenty of space to store things in the towers. For older girls, the door might be too small, but the space is needed to store their important things – cosmetics, stuffed animals, whatever it is.

7. White Castle



This loft bed is a full fledged castle! With spires and towers and doors, oh my. Any princess will feel lucky – and may even feel like a queen. All towers have shelves, and the princess can walk through her palace.

8. The Space Saver



For the princess with a small room, this Japanese style folding bed features a bed that comes out like a drawbridge. The towers can open up to reveal storage space. This is perfect for any princess (or queen) worried about having enough space for a fun bed.

9. The Bunk Castle



This palace fits two princesses! One in the lower bunk and one in the upper bunk, the princesses in this palace will feel extra lucky with a spiral staircase and a tower with shelves. Plenty of space is needed, so it should not be used in small rooms.

10. Simply Regal



This bed is too regal to pass up. Unlike the others, this is more like what would be featured in a palace room itself, not the palace. The sleigh bed itself can instantly make anyone feel like a princess.

11. The Wooden Carriage



Selling for over $300, this wooden carriage is expensive. However, sturdy and ready to roll, it will make any little princess feel like their ready for the ball. Carriages are an essential part of the royal lifestyle for those in the fairy tales.

12. The Twin Towers



This bed is a small castle but has the towers to make anyone feel like the lucky one. Raised off the floor, there’s plenty of storage as well. No princess needs to worry about having enough space – they’re a princess!

13. The Canopy



Many princesses have a canopy bed. Putting up the canopy over any bed turns it into a princess bed. Perhaps one of the most famous instances of the canopy bed is from the Disney movie The Princess Diaries.

14. Marie Antoinette



The queen of France from the time of the French Revolution, Marie Antoinette was known for her large canopied bed – as well as her fashion. The four postered bed is a sign of royalty well known the world around.

15. The Modern Princess



A modern princess often does not live in a palace. However, the idea of the canopy over any bed brings the simple queen or twin sized bed into automatic princess stature. Any color will do, and boy will it make any girl the envy of her friends.

16. The Large Carriage


Should the room already have a palace in some form, every princess needs to have a carriage. This bed is more ornate than other carriage beds already shown, and it is fully circular, with extra room inside for stuffed animals to be stored without being in the way of the mattress.

17. The Incognito Princess


Not every princess knows she is a princess. For the one waiting to discover that she is indeed a princess, this home bed is the perfect place to rest her head at night. There’s even a bed in the “roof” for friends or a sister.

18. The Lofty Castle



This castle provides a shaded area to play during the day in a room that gets a lot of sunlight and has a rooftop bed that can afford a view of her entire kingdom. No princess should be without that kind of view.

19. The Deluxe Castle



This castle not only has a bed in the lower level, but has a couch, a tower for storage, and the roof tops can afford the princess much more storage than either tower combined. No princess can have too much storage, right?

20. Old Time Incognito



Not all medieval princesses lived in castles. Some lived in thatch roofed cottages, like their subjects. For the princess without the desire for flair, this cottage rocks.

21. The Simple Double Castle



This bunk bed is a very simple design with tower spikes at the four posters. Any princesses who share a room will enjoy this bed.

22. The Elegant Carriage



For the princess who wants an elegant carriage, this riff on Cinderella’s carriage will be all she has dreamed of.

23. The Combination



For the girl who cannot choose between a carriage bed and a canopy bed, give her both! An open top carriage with a canopy will make any princess feel regal.

24. The Disney Princess



This bed features the Disney princesses, and will make any one feel like a princess. In their midst, after all, everyone is.

25. The Full Regal



This bed is for the adult princess who has yet to become queen. With a regal design, it makes everyone feel wonderful.

26. The Crown



When a headboard is the only option to make a bed regal, go with a crown shaped one. This will instantly remind anyone they are a princess.

27. The Simply Royal



This final bed is for anyone who doesn’t want to go overboard, yet still feel regal. It simply needs a canopy.