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Bringing plants into your bedroom can have a peaceful and calming effect. There are a multitude of plants that are great for indoor use and with proper placement can thrive. Live plants and artificial plants have their own unique benefits.

Live plants produce oxygen and can freshen the air in your bedroom. Living plants also release water vapor, so placing several plants in your bedroom can increase humidity.

If a green thumb isn’t your strong suit then selecting an artificial plant may be just want you need to brighten up your bedroom. Artificial plants are a also a good choice if you have allergies. Needing no more care than any other piece of furniture, artificial plants are a better choice if time is not something you are interested in investing into your bedroom decor. Check out the following options for a variety of live and artificial plants which would be perfect for any bedroom.

Quick Look: Best Bedroom Plants​

Bedroom Plant

Key Features


Where to Buy

Fern Plant
  • Lifelike potted plants are a perfect addition to your home or office decor
  • Leaves are made of plastic, easy for care.
  • Diameter of the bigger product: 4.7 " Height:7.1 ", Diameter of the small product: 2.8" Height:5.5 "


Money Tree Bonsai

  • Imported from southern China
  • 4 Years old; 13 inches tall
  • Tall braided trunks


Ficus Silk Tree

  • No maintenance or watering needed
  • Over 1008 individual leaves adorn this tree
  • Features natural trunks


Lucky Bamboo Fence

  • Easy care favorite
  • Chinese symbol of good fortune
  • 3 Years old; 12 inches tall


Color Orchids Orchid Pot

  • Phalaenopsis Orchid in ceramic pot
  • Beautiful living Orchid in quality ceramic pot
  • Cup and tag easy Care system


Velener Mini Home Decoration Artificial Plants Aloe with Pots (Green, Set of 2)

Fern Plant

Velener makes a great plant for any bedroom. This plant is artificial, yet very lifelike and requires very minimal care. A simple dusting when cleaning your bedroom will do the trick. The leaves are made of plastic so no mess falling all over the floor.

This set of two plants comes with a larger sized one with a diameter of 4.7” that stands at 7.1” tall. The smaller plant in this set is 2.8” in diameter and stands at 5.5” tall. Both plants come with pots, but do not place them in water as this can ruin this artificial plant.

The Velener plants can be used for indoor or outdoor decoration, so if you have a hammock or outdoor sleeping environment, this would be a perfect addition to spruce things up. These artificial aloe plants weigh in at only 8 ounces, so you will not strain if you need to move them from inside to outside or if you want to rearrange your bedroom.

This set of two plants is priced at just under $30, which is great for those looking for something budget friendly. If you want a realistic looking and thrifty bedside plant then check out this option.

Brussel's Money Tree Bonsai

Money Tree Bonsai

The Brussel’s Bonsai is a real plant that is imported from China. Each plant is grown in the perfect conditions for maintaining the life of your plant. The tree itself is made up of a spiraling braided trunk which is topped off with growing green foliage. The plant is specially packaged to make sure it reaches you in the best possible condition. The Brussel's’ Bonsai is grown for 4 years before they are ready to be shipped out. This living art is grown in nurseries where gardeners are highly trained at handling and shaping bonsai trees.

Whether you are new to live plants or a seasoned veteran, caring for the bonsai plant is easy and instructions for care are included with every plant. Ideally and for maximize life sustainability this plant should only be used indoors, as it prefers room temperatures.

Plant heights can reach from 10 up to 12 inches tall. This bonsai tree comes in a rectangular shaped pot which is about 10 inches across. The total plant package weighs only 5 pounds so you don't have to worry if you want to move it around as your needs change.

This package includes one plant so make sure you order the right quantity for your space.

This green won't have you spending all yours, coming in at less than $20. If you are not satisfied with your plant, you have 30 days to report any issues and the company will make it right. Upkeep is minimal and if your plant has fallen leaves or begins browning, just place it in shade for about a week and keep it hydrated. This easy fix will have your tree as good as new before you know it.

If you are looking for a hearty plant, which is symbolic of good luck, then definitely check out this Brussel’s Bonsai.

Nearly Natural 5209 Ficus Silk Tree, 6-Feet, Green

Ficus Silk Tree

Nearly Natural offers a Ficus tree that you can use for indoors or outdoors. Brighten up a corner of your room without worrying about maintenance.

This artificial tree is better than the real thing, since living Ficus trees can be very difficult to maintain indoors. The trunk looks natural and is very authentic. However, the winning feature of this plant is the leaves. They are made of silk and each plant comes with over one thousand single leaves atop the trunk.

Feel free to mold the leaves or fluff them to your liking. The Nearly Natural plant is made from all artificial materials so there is no extra upkeep or watering needed. Your plant will look fresh from day one and last as long as you need.

There are two size options for this perfect bedroom plant. The smaller option has a 35” diameter and is 72” tall. The slightly larger plant has a diameter of 36” and stands 84” high. Both options come with a 5.5” wide nursery pot with that stands 5” tall.

This replica Ficus tree weighs in at 13 pounds, so it is sturdy yet still light enough to be moved as your decoration needs change. The pricing for the Nearly Natural plant is just over $54 for the smaller plant and little under $91 for the larger plant.

Whether you choose the smaller or larger plant; you will get one plant with your purchase. If you are looking for a lifelike tree to spruce up your bedroom with no maintenance that will last a lifetime, check out the Nearly Natural Artificial Ficus Tree.

Brussel's Lucky Bamboo, Fence

Lucky Bamboo Fence

Brussels’ offers this lucky bamboo plant which is sure to brighten up any bedroom with a little luck. The plant is all natural and comes from a nursery in China.

The lucky bamboo plant symbolizes good fortune, so it is perfect for bringing positive vibes while you work, relax, or sleep. There is minimal care required. Just make sure to change the water often and keep the roots covered with water.

This living art uses several bamboo plants to create a fence that measures 2 inches wide by 8 inches long and is 12 inches high. Each Brussel’s Lucky Bamboo is raised to 3 years old before it is sold and shipped out.

The overall weight of this plant is a little over 4 pounds, so it can be easily moved as desired. You also won't break the bank with this living addition, which comes in just under $32. Go ahead and order a few and put a whole bamboo fence across your window sill.

If you are looking for an affordable, low maintenance, living plant look no further than the Brussel's’ Lucky Bamboo Fence plant. This living specimen is unique and will breathe life into any bedroom decor.

Color Orchids Orchid in Ceramic Pot, Assorted

Color Orchids Orchid Pot

Color Orchids offer this live plant which will add vibrant color to your bedroom. This plant would be perfect for a nightstand. Waking up and seeing this beautiful plant first thing in the morning is great for starting your day.

The orchid color is pre-selected by the manufacturer, so keep that in mind when you place an order. The Color Orchid’s Orchid only requires that you water it once a week to maintain a long lasting fresh feel in your bedroom.

This flowering plant comes in a ceramic pot that blends well with any bedroom color scheme. The orchid can grow to be between 20 to 24 inches tall. The total weight of the plant and pot is about 3 pounds, so you can rearrange with ease.

This beautiful addition to your bedroom space is sold just under $30 and with the right care can last a very long time. You will receive one plant with your purchase, but that one plant is sure to brighten up any bedroom and make your space more aesthetically pleasing. Look no further if you need a bedroom plant that will add a pop of color and freshness each and every day.

Final Thoughts

For added health and wellness, choose a live plant. Be sure to check the specific requirements for your plant’s care to ensure it’s longevity.

If you love the look of live plants, but don’t have the time to invest, chose something artificial. There are a variety of life-like plants that add that touch of green that breathes life into any bedroom.