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Keeping cool at night can help you have a peaceful and fulfilling sleep. Your core temperature drops and that drop signals to your brain that it is time to rest. Finding a great fan for your bedroom can help bring on sleep.

A consumer should pay attention to the specifications of each fan as there are many options available and size, speed, and adjustability, which can determine what kind of fan you need for your room.

Bedroom fans also include other features such as speed control, mode control, automatic timers, warranties, and height adjustability just to name a few.

Honeywell HT-900 TurboForce Air Circulator Fan

The Honeywell HT-900 has a compact fan that is economically friendly and perfect for any bedroom. The cost of the HT-900 is affordable and will keep your bedroom nice and cool on those warm evenings.

This fan is lightweight at only 3.2 pounds and measures 11.1” x 6.54” x 11.3”. Compact and functional for your nightstand or other small space. This fan can also be mounted if you are wanting to keep it of the ground and out of the way.

The intended use is for personal cooling and to save energy by circulating air. The Honeywell HT-900 is aerodynamically designed to maximize air movement in any space. With a 90 degree pivoting head you can control the direction air will flow via the seven inch blade. 

the Honeywell fan also comes with three different speeds which can be adjusted by the twist of a button. Look no further than the Honeywell HT-900 TurboForce Air Circulator Fan if you want something small yet powerful enough to keep you cool and comfy through the night.

The Rowenta VU5551 is a high quality fan with lots of options for a larger room or for rooms with vaulted ceilings. The cost of this fan is more expensive but it comes with all the bells and whistles. The Rowenta VU551 fan weighs 19 pounds and measures 18” x 18” x 54”.

The fan head is 16” which includes five blades that can be set for oscillating to move air throughout a whole room. The fan can be adjusted to four different speeds, but the best part is that it comes with a remote control so you can get comfortable in your bed or other area while having complete control of the fan.

This fan offers comfort and luxury all in one. The blades are engineered uniquely to provide extra powerful airflow while keeping sound at levels consistently quiet. The Rowenta fan moves air at 1695 cubic feet per minute which provides cool air immediately and quietly within a space.

Lastly, The VU5551 fan also has adjustable height, which can be switched from 42 to 54 inches. This fan includes a very sturdy base so it won't topple over or wobble around while it is being used. The Rowenta VU5551 Turbo Silence Oscillating 16” Stand Fan is perfectly designed to maximum coolness and comfort, not only by air flow, but by allowing user to control via a remote.

The Holmes 12 inch Blizzard fan is compact, powerful, and economically friendly top pick. The cost of this fan is fairly affordable which includes a remote control. It weighs in at 5.5 pounds and measures 4.7” x 16.7” x 17.9”.

The Holmes fan is compact and perfect for that smaller space, or personal space, that needs cooling. The Blizzard fan includes three speeds which can be controlled by the push of a button or via the remote control, which is included.

The fan has a rotating grill, which will provide a wide range of air circulation throughout the whole room. Another feature of the Holmes fan is that it can be set to either sleep mode or breeze mode.

Oh, and did we mention the automatic shut off timer which can be set to turn the fan off automatically at either one, two, four, or eight hours? Now that is definitely a cool feature that you won’t find in most economically friendly fans.

This Holmes fan is compact, which makes portability easy, but it also comes equipped with a carry handle to make things easier. Also, for those times when you don’t need the fan there is a place to store the cord making it great for smaller spaces.

There is not much more you can ask for in a fan. This Holmes fan includes multiple speeds, remote control, multiple modes and an automatic shut off timer all while not minimizing air flow and temperature control. Now that is a combination of comfort and functionality that every room and person deserves.

The Avalon 16” adjustable floor fan is a perfect option for any space. It weighs only 9.6 pounds and measures 23” x 20.5” x 7”. The Avalon fan includes five 16” blades to provide maximum airflow.

The air flow can be set to three different fan speeds which provides you with the option of how cool you need to keep your room or other space. The fan head can also be pivoted 360 degrees and adjusted to any angle. That design is perfect for any space and contours air well within the walls your room.

The Avalon fan includes a specially featured stand, which makes it ideal for either a floor or table. The Avalon fan features a copper motor which adds to the overall fan speed and provides a long lasting performance.

The fan also is designed with neutral colors in mind, so it can be aesthetically pleasing to any space. When purchasing this fan, make sure to consider additional warranty features that you can add on with minimal cost.

Overall the Avalon 16” 360 degree Adjustable Floor fan is ideal for your space where you need strong long lasting air flow.

The Lasko 4930 Oscillating fan has a slim design and provides enough power to flow cool air through any space. It is slim and lightweight at only 14.2 pounds and measures 12” x 8.8” x 35”.

The Lasko 4930 fan includes 20” blades in a sleek slim design. The fan can be set to oscillating for maximum airflow. This Lasko fan comes with three powerful speeds which combined with oscillation can cover a very wide area.

Another neat feature of this fan is that it comes with a remote control, which can be stored on the back of the fan so you never have to worry about losing it. Lasko has taken all things into account with this fan which includes an on/off timer so it can be programmed to turn off at intervals of one, two, or four hours.

The fan comes fully assembled with an easy grip handle so you can begin using right out of the box. There is also a patented design which includes a safety plug which is fused. There are also additional protection plans available with this fan.

The Lasko 4930 fan has a sleek modern look that can be put in any space for ideal airflow and coolness all while having the option to control with a remote and be set on a timer to turn off automatically.

Stay Cool

Whether you are looking for a floor fan or something compact to put on your dresser or mount to a wall, choosing the right fan can create a great sleeping environment.Dropping your core temperature is one easy way to bring on deep sleep and portable bedroom fans are a great and economical way to do just that.

Using one of out top picks to select the right fan for you will be a breeze and you’ll be blown away at the difference in your quality of sleep.